Healthiest foods to get at Starbucks, by the calories

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Starbucks: It’s everyone’s favorite coffee chain, known for their yummy fruit plates and their rich cake pops. And their great coffee, of course.

But when you’re sticking to a diet, or are just trying to be conscious of what you’re eating, the chain’s pretty bakery display can be pretty tempting.

So what’s the healthiest options to get at Starbucks? One top nutritionist weighs in on what you should be opting for instead.

From breakfast sandwiches to lattes, here’s what you should be looking out for:

Vanilla scone (120 calories, 8 grams of sugar) 

Chocolate cake-pop (140 calories)

Nonfat latte (100 calories in a grande, 10 grams of protein)

Skinny cappuccino (61 calories in a tall)

Egg white, spinach and feta wrap (19 g of protein, 10 g of fat, 33 carbs)

Reduced fat turkey bacon and egg white sandwich, (16 g of protein, 230 calories)

Whole grain oatmeal (160 calories without the toppings)

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