Scary things happen to your body when you eat too much protein

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Everyone’s always saying to eat more protein. Protein, especially when low in fat, gives us energy and fuel necessary for the human body.

However, have you ever heard of anyone advising to eat less protein?

You probably didn’t know that too much protein can actually be dangerous and hurt your body instead of help it. Bad breath and mood swings are just two of the ways in which too much protein can hurt your body.

Scroll through to see the other ways overdoing protein can hurt you:

You can hurt your kidneys 

Protein has an abundance of nitrogen byproducts — too much of it puts stress on your kidneys because of how much byproduct is going into your system. 

You have stomach issues 

Eating chicken might equate to a lot of protein, but that doesn’t mean it has a lot of fiber. You need fiber for your digestive system to work properly. Any low carb diet may have this effect — but it’s important you’re getting all the food groups as well. 

You can actually gain weight 

A lot of protein may take away numbers initially. But in the end, you’ll gain the weight back — and then some. Patients who incorporated higher protein diets were linked with obesity, heart failure and risk of death. 

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