This is what happened to a blogger after wearing acrylic nails for 6 years

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Acrylic nails are the manicure go-tos for many. Some hope to escape easily-chipped manicures and the hassle of returning to the salon, instead opting for acrylics.

Fake nails offer customers what normal manicures don’t: Durability, length and flexibility in design. However, you might have heard of the many consequences that come with getting acrylic nails: Unsanitary, can rip your nail beds and actually weaken your nails.

One popular beauty blogger posted a photo that illustrates these dangers.

Amelia Rushmore-Perrin is the type of person who only gets acrylics.

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She always has her nails done.

When fans on social media asked her about her beauty process, Amelia got real. She posted a photo of her nails after she ripped off the acrylics, exposing raw and torn fingers.

Image via Twitter

In her tweet, she says the damage is the result of wearing acrylics for 6 years. She doesn’t so much as care about how her hands look, just because she’s in so much pain.

Image via Twitter

After she posted the photo, she advised her followers to take biotin to strengthen their nails.. This is how her fingers look after 5 days.

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It seems as though Amelia might be back to using acrylics, but her Tweet is definitely a great warning to others who are considering that type of manicure.

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