As burglar attempts to break into car, this wild coyote comes to the rescue

A thief in Los Angeles, California, attempted to break into a car but little did he know that one wild coyote would thwart his devious plans.

Thanks to a security camera, the footage revealed what happened next.

The man quickly becomes visible, startled by something out of the darkness in the footage — then begins to back up.

Image via Facebook

He then starts running.

Into the frame, a wild coyote can be seen with its eyes gleaming.

And it looks to want to chase the thief down.

“Out of nowhere comes a coyote to the rescue!” the stepdaughter of the owner of the car, Cristy Trujillo, posted to Facebook.

While this particular coyote most likely did not realize his good deed — regardless, he was a hero.

Image via Facebook

That being said, if you do every encounter a coyote while hiking or walking, we have a few tips for you.

Stand tall.

Coyotes are curious — and if you do see a solitary coyote, they may tend to watch you. And while they tend to scavenge, whatever happens, stand tall. It helps to square up and face the coyotes in a non-challenging but confident manner as you do not want to make yourself a target.

Look at them.

Even from the side, you can look at them — but don’t stare them down. This lets them know that you see them. Most of the time, you can ignore them and they will scare off or ignore you.

Image via Wikipedia

Vocalize if you feel unsafe.

Coyotes do not like new noises and being “identified.” If you ever feel like a coyote is too watchful of you — raise your hands overhead and yell something you would do to get someone’s attention in a dangerous situation. You can drive off a coyote if you startle them as most of them are easily terrified by this.

If threatened, get help ASAP.

Should you ever been in the unfortunate position of encountering an aggressive coyote or several and feel unsafe — get help right away by yelling for other hikers. You can also call 911 or do anything you can to get help close by.

Image via NPS

Use a prop.

If the coyote is acting odd, aggressive and/or you cannot get a hold of emergency personnel — you can throw either sticks or rocks near the coyote to scare it off.

If you interested in looking for a few solutions to keeping coyotes off your property in a humane way — check out the list below.

  • electric fences
  • strobe lights (set off by motion)
  • radio devices
  • flood lights
  • streamers on fence or property
  • guard animals (llamas, large dog breeds in number)
  • put garbage and compost in secure containers
  • keep your small dog or cat on a leash or indoors
  • call a local wildlife center (sometimes they will relocate the coyote if it’s in an urban area or appears to be juvenile)

Last but not least, look out for your small animals out at night — as well as carry deterrents, put out your garbage and keep your compost in secure containers.

If you still are suspecting coyotes pose a danger to you and your loved ones, be sure to call the authorities.

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