Christian mom group livid over swear words in Burger King’s new meals

Burger King recently rolled out a new marketing campaign where the target audience was depressed teens.

An apparent play on the McDonald’s “Happy Meal,” the campaign includes colored “Real Meal” boxes with names like “Salty Meal,” as well as “Yaaaas Meal,” along with “P*ssed Meal,” and “DGAF Meal.”

Image via Burger King

That being said — it is still unclear what these particular phrases have to do with the contents of the box.

And now — a group of concerned Christian mothers by the name of One Million Moms — has raised an alarm about the campaign.

Currently, the campaign has over 5,000 signatures with moms describing the boxes as ” a marketing disaster,” citing their “crude language,” and urged Burger King to remove both the “p*ssed” and “DGAF” boxes immediately.

The campaign states on their website:

“Burger King is mocking McDonald’s Happy Meals with a little competition. Yesterday, Burger King announced new meal boxes that “let you choose how you feel.”

Image via YouTube

“No one is ‘Happy’ all the time,” Burger King said in a press release.”

“Dubbed as “Real Meals,” customers will be able to order Whopper-based meal boxes in a variety of different moods, but “happy” isn’t one of them.”

“Though the Real Meals are Whopper-based meals, the boxes are replicas of Happy Meal boxes and will, therefore, attract children. No matter the target market, this campaign is a marketing disaster.”

“Similar to the Angry Whopper, Real Meals are available only at select restaurants while supplies last. Even if your local Burger King is not participating at this time, your voice needs to be heard so this vulgar marketing will be stopped and not added at additional locations.”

Image via YouTube

“Burger King’s #FEELYOURWAY campaign is irresponsible and offensive to customers. Burger King needs to know parents do not approve!”

The group then urged others to sign the petition, stating:

“If you agree that this marketing campaign is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Burger King to remove the boxed meals “P*ssed” and “DGAF” from their menu immediately. Let them hear from you even if your local Burger King is not participating at this time. This is a nationwide petition. Also, encourage Burger King to be more responsible in future marketing campaigns. If Burger King wants our business, it must stop using crude language.”

Image via YouTube

If chosen to sign the petition, the pre-typed message reads:

“I find Burger King’s #FEELYOURWAY campaign to be in poor taste. Everyone knows children repeat what they hear. Burger King using crude language to sell burgers is irresponsible. One Million Moms is particularly offended by the two boxed meals “P*ssed” and “DGAF.” Offensive ads cause customers to lose respect for a company, and complaints should not be taken lightly. I urge Burger King to put a stop to inappropriate marketing campaigns and remove the boxed meals “P*ssed” and “DGAF” from your menu immediately. I will not patronize your restaurants as long as you use vulgar language to market your products.”

Image via YouTube

“DGAF” is an acronym for, “Don’t give a f***.”

Let’s be honest — I am not sure anyone would want to consume anything that is packaged in a “p*ssed box.”

As Randy Jackson said: “That’s gonna be a no for me dog.”

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