Uno urges you to stop using this illegal move most use when playing

Uno has recently called out folks via Twitter and the results are nothing short of epic.

Who exactly are they calling out?

People who stack a Draw 2 card on top of a Draw 4 — a move you have most likely used yourself while playing.

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The move can escalate into someone picking up many, many more cards — that is, if you are playing with friends who show no mercy.

But according to the game’s recent Twitter post — it is an illegal move.

“If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it. #UNO

Uno’s rules state that when a Draw 4 card is put down, that the next person must pick up four cards, and their turn is skipped. There is no drowning of people in cards — even though it is (mwhahahaha) so fun.

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And as you can imagine, the clarification garnered lots of thoughts.

The official Twitter for Footlocker commented:

“Dear Uno,

That’s not even how Uno is played.

-From Everybody”

While others commented:

“[I] know this is literally your game that you made up but this is incorrect [I’m] sorry.”

As well as:

“My deck, my rules…someone’s eating this +24”

And while you cannot stack Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards on each other — the Uno rules do not state this.

The Twitter post may not change how most people play Uno — that’s why house rules were invented, which means you can do basically whatever you want because it’s your house, presumably.

But Uno is not the only game you have been playing wrong

Monopoly is one such game — and one that can heavily operate on “house rules.”

And while these house rules can be passed down from generation to generation — as you can imagine the actual rules have been lost in translation.

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For example: the concept of auctioning off unwanted properties are they have been landed on — some people do not employ this while it is just as much apart of the game as buying houses or picking up Community Chest cards.

Another way you have been doing Monopoly wrong?

Most people believe that you need to complete a full lap of the board prior to being allowed to purchase property.

But in the rules, it clearly states that you can start to buy as soon as you first land on something — which brings us to our next rule that folks usually bend…

Yes, you are allowed to collect rent while in jail as there is nothing in the rules that say you can’t.

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One popular house rule of the game was actually included in a special “House Rules” edition of the game. The rule? Getting double the usual salary for landing on “Go.”

And one last thing — the rule about going straight to jail if you roll three doubles in a roll, while this one sounds made up, it is actually the real deal.

Happy playing!

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