Grandma is not impressed with little puppy until he saves her life

Annabelle Camp stumbled upon a tiny puppy on the side of an unnamed, Georgia road one day — unaware that she would be saving two lives in the days to come due to her kindness.

And when Camp brought home Mason, she was ready to take care of him.

But while she fell in love with the stray — her grandmother would not permit him to live with them.

Image via Annabelle Camp

“I made an agreement with my grandmother that he would go to The Humane Society as soon as they had a foster open for him,” Camp shared with The Dodo. “So a week maximum.”

“I knew he had a purpose on this earth other than to just be my heart dog and a literal pain in the a**,” Camp penned in a Facebook post. “And last night he proved it.”

One night, Camp awoke to Mason standing over her in bed — barking urgently in her face.

“I shot up out of bed and knew something wasn’t right,” Camp posted. “He loves his sleep.”

“Mason jumped down and gave me the ‘follow me’ look,” she went on. “He ran down the hallway (where he knows he’s not allowed) and into my grandmother’s room. I followed him into her bathroom and found him standing over her licking her face and just screaming and whining.”

Camps’ grandmother was found unconscious due to a heart condition.

Image via Annabelle Camp

Camp was able to get her grandmother’s heart started — and all thanks to Mason.

And while Mason was not allowed to interact with Camp’s grandmother prior — there was never a doubt that he would not be there for Camp’s grandmother.

“He knows what it’s like to have his life saved, so he knew he had to do the same for someone else,” Camp said. “Even if my grandmother does just barely tolerate him.”

And now: the question we have all been waiting for….has Mason stolen Camp’s grandmother’s heart yet?


“I told my grandmother the next morning what he did and she yelled, ‘Thank you, Mason!’” Camp said. “She now pets him when she sees him, which is more than she has ever done.”

“She loves him in her own way,” she added.

Image via Annabelle Camp

Needless to say, dogs are very intelligent creatures.

And compared to humans, they are more aware of their surroundings and can easily pick up on what is going through the minds of their owners.

Some people even believe that their dogs can sense paranormal activity as well as predict when someone is about to die.

And while you may not believe the former bit — something that is universally agreed upon when it comes to dogs?

They can sense danger.

Image via pexels

Dogs are very sensitive of pheromones — which we as humans are not aware of.

For this very reason, dogs are able to predict possible danger.

They are able to know the intention of a person we meet by sensing their subtle facial expressions along with body language.

Dogs are also able to detect bombs as well as drugs.

And as the old adage goes: we don’t deserve dogs.

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