Man uses the woman Snapchat filter on Tinder, gets over 1,600 matches

If you haven’t tried it already – Snapchat’s gender swap filter is a shocker for most.

And one man was so surprised at his results that he decided to share them with the world…via Tinder.

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Hailing from Norwich UK, Jake Askew set up an account via Tinder with the female version of himself because he thought he looked “unreal.”

And Tinder agreed.

He then changed his name to ‘Jess’ and posted the filtered version of himself and quickly found himself swimming in 1,600 likes on his profile with around 400 matches.

Jake (or Jess-?) who is currently studying at the University of Derby, revealed the host of responses his female counterpart earned him.

“One chap asked ‘Are you a [piece] of art because I want to nail you up against the wall’. Another talked to me about his ‘pork sword’ and one bloke simply asked me to ‘sit on his face.’ I didn’t let anyone know about it, I’ll keep ’em guessing.” the 20-year-old shared with LADbible.

Image via Twitter

Jake continued, saying:

“To be fair, I looked at myself with the Snapchat filter on and thought I looked unreal, showed my mate and we thought we’d make a Tinder just to see if I’d get any matches from it. Obviously I didn’t expect to be liked by over 1600 thirsty lads.”

Well Jake – you know what they say — when it rains, it pours.

Jake then tweeted out his cat fishing-(?) escapades to Twitter and the response was overwhelming — as it was retweeted thousands of times.

And while many have used Snapchat’s gender-swap feature — there are others who are not happy with the results.

Many are concerned that Snapchat is minimizing what it is like to transition, convincing others to buy into the notion of the “gender binary.”

Image via U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Rachel Hammes

Quite a few transgender individuals have confided to major news outlets, such as the New York Post along with the Guardian — saying how Snapchat filters turn transitioning genders into a game as well as how the app “appropriates” gender transition.

“My gender’s not a costume,” one transgender individual shared with the Post.

“This story that I feel is very real. I lost a lot to be who I am, and I fought really hard for the body that I’m in. And when certain people post it and write about how silly it is and how goofy they look with this filter, it makes light of the transgender experience.”

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And while the application did not intend to be a serious exploration of both gender and the gender binary — there are many who do not believe in its playfulness.

“Experimenting with identity is fun, which is why the filter is so popular — but what’s fun for some, is a punishing reality for others. Many from the LGBTQ+ community have been quick to point out that Snapchat’s filter not only strictly adheres to the gender binary, but also many users’ insouciant attitudes towards gender play hardly translate in real life,” shared one writer via TheNextWeb.

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