Anti-vax mom reveals why she eventually decided to vaccinate her children

A mother has recently taken to social media to share why she decided to vaccinate her children despite having been un-vaccinated for 30 years.

In a Facebook post that ended up going viral — Abbey Clint, mother of two, shared photos of her children at a doctor’s office in Pennsylvania and shared her own experience with vaccines as well as her current views on vaccinating children against preventable disease — like the measles.

And her reasoning?

It came from a rational place: a mother who does not want her own children to grow sick.

Image via Facebook

“Madelyn got her shots today! I grew up un-vaccinated before it was cool. I’ve had to catch up on my inoculations with each pregnancy. Glad I didn’t catch measles while pregnant! Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases. Preventative maintenance saves co-pays and saves lives. Proud to vaccinate!”

Clint revealed to BuzzFeed News how the post was an effort to push back at the anti-vax content she as viewing everywhere.

“There’s a lot of anti-vax memes being shared in my personal circles. […] So I was just throwing out a different side of things, just for the sake of keeping it a conversation and not an echo chamber.”

Clint shared to BuzzFeed News that she grew up with a distrust of medicine along with vaccines but when it came to the choice to vaccinate her own children — she had been convinced by evidence in what she says was a “gradual process.”

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She hopes that others will also do the same.

The Facebook reactions were split between “Sad” reacts and thumbs up — with Clint debating anti-vaxxers in the comments section of her post.

“The problem is thinking that your odds of getting an injury from vaccines is the same as or even close to the odds of dying in a game of Russian Roulette (which seems to be a favorite comparison today). Injury by Vaccine: 1 in 1 million. Death by Russian roulette: 1 in 6. Y’all take higher risks every time you get in a car! And no one has created rabid anti-car groups to shame and vilify moms who drive cars.”

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Clint continued, saying:

“I don’t believe that the vaccines cause a bunch of neurological disorders, brain damage, autism, or death. You could be allergic or your immune system could not be able to fight the virus in the vaccines due to some other previously un-diagnosed medical conditions. Those account for 1 in a million doses. Which is a very reassuring number. If it were possible that these cases were causally related to the vaccines, the experts would have checked their data on adverse events. They’d crunch numbers, analyze possible causes, check some studies, create some studies, in order to narrow down the culprit within the vaccines. They’ve done all this. They’ve shared their findings. They’re confident there’s no causal relationship to the vaccines. And they rest easy after vaccinating themselves and their children because they are certain that these vaccines do not behave in the way that the anti-vaxx misinformation theories suggest.”

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