Troll sends woman horrific messages, so she decides to tell his mother

While women face extreme criticism online along with harassment — some just brush it off — while others decide to take on their trolls.

One woman decided to do just that.

A reviews editor and host for Gamespot, Kallie Plagge, recently shared a disgusting message she received by a random guy on Facebook.

But instead of letting it get to her she decided to show it to his mother to see what she had to say.

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“This guy sent me hate on Facebook so I told his mom on him. She was really nice about it.”

The message read:

“Hello! You don’t know who I am but your son does. I thought you might want to know the kinds of messages he sends to women he doesn’t agree with. He sent me this because I wrote a review of a video game.”

The mother quickly responded with:

“I am so sorry. He is 37 years old and I am so going after him. He differently has problems. I will straighten him out!!!”

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So what was his message exactly?

“Hi u stupid f*ckin SJW c*nt. Can u ever learn to to shut ur f*ckin c*nt mouth b*tch”

SJW is slang for “Social Justice Warrior.”

If you are dealing with a troll online, we have a few tips for you — courtesy of Forbes.

When first dealing with trolls — establishing a policy for user comments is key. The policies should detail exactly what type of comments are allowed and as well as be outlined on your website along with social media accounts.

Your next tip? Ignore them if you can. Trolls thrive off attention as their goal is to anger, frustrate or make you feel uncomfortable. And while it may be difficult at first — ignoring a troll could be your best line of defense as according to the Pew Research Center — 60% of respondents opted to ignore online harassment which, eventually led to the trolls leaving for greener pastures.

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In an article for The Guardian, Tim Dowling shares how “trolls thrive on anonymity.”

And by taking that power away from them — it may make the troll think twice about leaving nasty comments on your site, blog and/or social media account.

Also using moderators as well as online tools will help you monitor activity on your site, blog or forum as these monitors have the power to both approve as well as remove inappropriate comments.

You can also use disemvoweling or hellbanning tools or plugins fight back when it comes to trolls. You can also use the Robot9000 tool or the SMC4 software to your advantage when battling trolls.

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TV host and author, Jeffery Hayzlett recommends if a troll highlights a mistake you made to look into it, make a correction and admit you were wrong. He says:

“Let the person who wrote the complaint know you have corrected an error and explain what you did. Most times you’ll never hear from the person again, but I can guarantee the individual will appreciate that he heard directly from a company representative and didn’t have to navigate an endless phone tree.”

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