Lace shorts for men are here whether you want them to be or not

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There are no rules anymore. Not even men’s fashion is safe from the madness.

After the infamous ‘RompHim’ went viral in May, L.A.-based brand Hologram City created it’s own controversial statement piece to cash in on the odd clothing trend: see-through lace shorts for men.

The garments are available in pastel pink, blue and green and they’re … really something.

Image via Hologram City

Naturally, they can be worn with matching lace shirts, for those wanting to sport a full-on lace ensemble.

Image via Hologram City

Just think, all this can be yours for the low price of $49 per item.

If you’re dying to snag a pre-sale pair, you’d better act fast — knowing the internet, they’ll be sold out in approximately 5 minutes.

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