Bikini model believes she is just too beautiful to find love

Jenna Thompson is a mother of two who split with her ex about two years ago.

Since then — Jenna admits that her dating life has been a hot mess express.

She believes a big reason is Jenna believes she “intimidates” nice guys as the men she tends to attract are only after looks.

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When Jenna appeared on ITV’s This Morning, Jenna described apps designed for dating as “shallow,” and explained how they only make the issue of modern day dating, worse.

“It’s impossible. It’s really shallow. People get a kick out of how many swipes they get which narrows down any nice people. I think I intimidate guys. Nice guys. I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing. People who think they’ll have a go and just want hook ups. No one is looking for anyone that serious,” the model shared with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Jenna continued to say how dating apps are a “minefield,” while additionally bringing up a few dating fiascos she has experienced in her past.

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One major hiccup was a blind date who ended up being a traffic warden she had previously argued with over a parking ticket that he issued her with earlier in the day.

“I was set up on a date with some friends of mine and it ended up being with a guy who was a parking ticket officer – and he’d actually given me a parking ticket earlier that day.

“These are my friends trying to set me up on a date with somebody local. He wasn’t for me.” Jenna explained.

And believe it or not, that was not the worst experience she has had – as Jenna has also gone out with a married man.

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“I had this guy who confessed that he was married, relatively late on into us dating. It was quite cold and wet on the date. He told me face-to-face. He actually slipped and fell over while trying to chase after me after I was walking off and I had to take him to the hospital because he knocked himself out.”

The model’s statements had inspired many to criticize her on social media by calling her “fake.”

“To good looking to find a man [..] I’m no tom cruise but she’s borderline average definitely not [too] good looking. Maybe that’s why she can’t find a man the ones she goes for are better looking than her.”

“Too good looking to find love more like too god d*mn picky! Off your high horse and focus on your kids!”

“Too Good Looking #ThisMorning ya daft Bint, jog on.”

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Despite her struggles, and an appearance on Blind Date, Jenna says she is determined to find romance, saying we ‘need a new way of dating’.

But despite the model’s uphill battle, Jenna said during an appearance on Blind Date how she is ready to find romance.

Additionally, Jenna believes “we need a new way of dating.”

Amen sister, amen.

I say we just do away with apps all together and meet people organically.

You know, like in bars.

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