Cafe serves magical cup of coffee with actual cotton candy on top

One cafe in Shanghai has curated a cup of coffee that Instagram-worthy to the max.

If you love sweet things, staging the perfect photo and magical caffeine — this is the cup of coffee for you.

Mellower Coffee has become famous for their “Sweet Little Rain” coffee.

Image via Mellower Coffee

So what is it exactly?

Sold for 58 RMB (or around $9) food bloggers are attempting to take part in the scrumptious refreshment which features black coffee with a (massive)
“cloud” of cotton candy hovering above it.

Image via BoredPanda

And while it looks simply out of this world, a few folks who have tried it say it has been over hyped and a little gimmicky.

Additionally — they are saying it can get pretty messy.

Looks worth it to me!

Image via BoredPanda

And when it comes to coffee — the folks who make it deserve a lot of praise.

That’s right — I am talking about baristas.

And sometimes, folks give these coffee creators the most outlandish requests.

One barista by the name of Kerri revealed to Bored Panda the craziest requests she has heard while working at a coffee shop.

“I am the store manager which is what I assume people call the general manager,” Kerri shared with Bored Panda. “I ensure the store is being run well and deal with any paperwork, contract things and issues that might arise.”

“My main responsibilities are focusing on ensuring the store is a happy and safe work environment and making sure all customers needs are being met.”

Ready for the ridiculous requests? We thought you’d never ask.

Image via Bored Panda

Our Iced coffees are a fresh espresso shot poured over ice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, cold milk and a swirl of whipped cream. Iced Mochas are the exact same drink but it has chocolate syrup added to it. That’s the only difference. I did explain it to her but she had already made her mind up. Extra dollar to the store I guess. The way she said “Thanks” really riled me up because truly, it doesn’t get any better than this as I really love a condescending tone of voice.

Image via Bored Panda

This gentleman is older and likes to think of himself as very money savvy, he’s a regular at our store and has an incredibly tight budget. This fella ordered our all day breakfast choice of Eggs on Toast, with an additional side of bacon, (which is two eggs cooked to your liking and two pieces of toast with a fried tomato for $12, a side of bacon is two rashers for $4 which comes to a whopping total of $16) We aren’t heartless and if we know there’s a cheaper option we always tell our customers. The meal we were trying desperately to convince him to buy is $13.50 and comes with everything he wanted, two rashers of bacon, two eggs, two pieces of toast and a fried tomato. We gave up and he left thinking he had gained the upper hand and scammed us all, his smug smile is one I will never forget.

AH people. It is what brings us together.

And it’s the coffee that keeps us sane.

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