This tiny dog barked until someone heard him only to find him trapped in tar

In the town of Suwalki, Poland, workers heard a sound that made them worried.

The workers heard a nonstop barking coming from a remote, wooded area far off in the distance — almost as if it were calling out for help.

Thankfully, the workers heard the cries and followed the sound until they stumbled upon the below image.

Image via Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

In a puddle of tar, an abandoned dog was in need of immediate assistance.

Joanna Godlewska, from the Niczyje Animal Foundation, was then contacted by the workers who raced to help the dog.

“When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes,” Godlewska shared with The Dodo.

Image via Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

It is alleged that the dog was abandoned and attempted to find warmth when he came in contact with the illegally-dumped tar.

And as he did not realize what tar does — he most likely laid on top of it and became stuck.

While no one is sure how long exactly the dog had been trapped there, it was clear that he would not have lived much longer if he did not call for help.

Goldewska, along with a crew from a local fire department, were able to get him out finally.

Image via Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

And as they worked, the pup seemed to realize what was happening.

“He understood that we were saving him,” Godlewska said.

Rescuers did their best to cut away most of the tar-infused portions of the dog’s fur and used cooking oil to loosen up the rest.

And finally — they were able to lift him out.

The dog was then rushed over to a vet clinic to be treated for exhaustion and to have as much of the leftover tar scrubbed away from his body.

And while it was very messy work, the dog was thankfully free from any serious injuries and was found to be in good health.

The dog has since underwent multiple cleaning sessions — and after each one, he begins to feel more and more like himself.

Image via Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

“He feels better and better,” Godlewska said.

The dog, who’s name is now Farcik, was rescued from more than just the tar pit he had been found in.

Now he is surrounded by people who love him and care about his future.

And while he still has some recovering to do, Godlewska intends to adopt him into a forever home when the time is right.

And while what led up to Farcik’s almost fatal fall in the tar may never surface — his will to live made all the difference.

“I just wanted to save him,” Godlewska said. “Thank you to everyone who saved this dog.”

Image via Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

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