25 ways to treat yourself after a bad day

Has it been one of those days?

Are you in desperate need of a vacation but can’t afford it?

While I am not giving a way an all expense trip paid to the Bahamas — I do have a few ways to “treat yo self” after a no good, terrible day with products I currently have in my arsenal that I use on the daily.

Scroll on and add away to your Amazon cart — because sis you deserve it after today.

25. A glorious scalp massage brush to rub away all the headaches the day gave you

24. A pack of essential oils that will make your bedroom smell like peace on earth

23. An *all natural supplement to help you tackle the day like a KWEEN and boost your serotonin levels like the genius you are

*prior to taking any supplement, please talk to your doctor first as this is not a substitute for medication, therapy, etc. but for fleeting, temporary happiness

22. The only candle you will ever need to purchase and yes, that is a bold statement but I stand by it and if you have thoughts, doubts or desire a longer list of why exactly it has changed my life for the better, you can message me here with your questions and/or concerns

21. This precious plant that requires almost zero maintenance and is super zen to stare at when life gets tough

20. A salt rock lamp that can change colors which will impress your friends and also purify the air around you – what more could you possibly ask for in a lamp?

19. A weighted blanket that will help you fall asleep faster and give you sound sleep if you struggle with anxiety, depression or just too much tossing and turning

18. A Japanese scrubbing cloth for the shower that will remove dead skin and exfoliate your body, while reaching those hard to scratch places

17. This ah-mayyy-zING facial serum that will leave your skin feeling beaming, fresh and full of happy

16. A pack of my all-time favorite anti-stress tea on the market that will relax your mind without impairing mental functions

15. A super sweet tumbler (with a straw lid and a flip lid) to not only make you look #onpoint but also get your daily water and/or caffeine in for the day

14. Keep the calm and wave stress goodbye with these little drops of joy created by OLLY to keep you alert and chill with vitamins. And if you are asking yourself: “do these actually work?” they do. I just took two and I am writing this bomb article with zero worries **insert blonde girl emoji with her hands up**

13. A interactive and super cute calendar to help you be the boss you are as well as help keep track of your goals aaaall in one place

12. This hypo-allergenic body oil your S.O. can give you an affordable, intimate and sweet smelling deep-tissue massage

11. Blackout curtains in almost every color that your body will thank you for so you can finally sleep in on the weekends and not be disturbed by the unforgiving sun

10. A delicious, silk robe that every man, woman and child should own because it legit feels like wearing butter

9. These luxurious bath bombs that will leave you feeling like a whole new human, leaving your mind in a dazzling place you never knew

8. Cozy slipper socks to cover up those piggies with sweet, sweet softness

7. This silky-smooth face mask that will leave your face feeling more energized than Hayden Panettiere doing those Neutrogena commercials

6. This ultra-hydrating skin cream that will make every inch of you shiny and soft and totally relaxed to the max

5. These adorable and quirky wine glasses to help you “un-wine-duh” at the end of a long work day/week/month/year

4. Ultra-conditioning lip balm that will leave your lips hydrated and very kissable

3. Cloud-nine foam shoes that your feet will thank you for (p.s. they come in all the colors)

2. This gel-like, long-lasting nail polish for when you want to do a spa-day from home

1. Last but not least, an assortment of designer chocolates because life is crazy hard (and you never know what you are gonna get)

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