Home intruder breaks into house to clean every room, does not steal a thing

One man returning home to his house discovered he had been broken into but realized the intruder did not steal a thing but instead cleaned up.

Nate Roman was horrified when he realized his home in Marlborough, Massachusetts, had been broken into after his 5-year-old son noticed the back door was ajar.

The 44-year-old quietly entered his home, afraid at what he might find but soon realized his house was in better condition than when he left it.

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Instead of stealing anything – the home invader made up all the beds, cleaned up his son’s stuffed animals and then left an origami rose on the toilet paper.

“It was terrifying to know someone was in your house. They scrubbed everything down. They did the shower, did the toilets.” Roman shared with ABC7 News.

Every single room actually in the house had been scrubbed and cleaned — all except the kitchen.

The dad was both confused and unsure so he called the police.

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The father was “immediately worried that someone was in the house,” and calling the police seemed to be the best thing to do at the moment.

“Nothing had been taken, nothing. Other than just being rearranged and cleaned and put away, put straight, that was the biggest thing.” he said.

The Marlborough Police Department responded to Roman’s call and confirmed officers are approaching the case seriously but as of now, have zero leads or suspects.

Was it a “pay it forward” type of deal or was it, as Roman believes, or a cleaning service that may have got the wrong address and gone to the wrong house?

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The dad believes that the latter may be the case due to the toilet roll roses.

I mean — let’s be honest — who has time to create such masterpieces when ransacking the place?

That being said, Roman is not assuming anything and has since changed all the locks on his home — his very clean home with lots of origami-toilet paper.

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