Woman’s mystery hacker ends up being her very own dog

With Facebook’s frequent breaches of security as well as privacy, it is safe to assume any odd behavior on your account may merit alarm.

And most people who are hacked don’t know until it’s too late.

Linda Meems, 69, was on high alert when she logged onto the admin page for her hometown’s social media group, Spotted Turburty.

It was there she realized that dozens of her posts had been deleted.

Linda quickly messaged the group founder via Facebook, Chris Ward, to explain that she could not have deleted the posts as she had been in the bath.

Afraid that she had become the victim of Facebook hackers, Linda changed her account password and reported the fraudulent activity to Facebook.

Image via Kennedy News via MetroUK

And it was at that very moment Linda heard a “weird” noise coming from underneath her three-year-old Dalmatian-Lab mix, Bo.

Bo had been the “hacker” all along — as he was sitting on Linda’s phone which deleted all the messages on the Facebook page with his bottom.

The grandmother vowed to keep her phone as far away from Bo as possible.

“I felt sick when I realized what had happened,” Linda revealed.

“I then had to phone Chris feeling very embarrassed and frustrated but thankfully she only laughed – most of the [group’s] members have had a good laugh too.”

“When I originally logged into the Spotted Tutbury group I realised the cover photo had changed and there was more than 100 items that ‘Linda Meems’ had deleted.”

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“I remember thinking “I haven’t, I’ve not been online” and in a panic I contacted Chris. She said ‘I bet you’ve been hacked you need to get in touch with Facebook.’”

“I remember wondering where my phone was and then all of a sudden hearing a really weird noise. I realized it was under one very big black dog and I fished it out and never thought any more about it. But later I thought “oh dear the dog’s been on my phone.’”

“When I realized Bo was the culprit, I said ‘what have you done?’” Linda shared, adding how Bo gave her the “the puppy eyes as he knew he’d done something he shouldn’t have, but didn’t know what it was.”

Pictured: Bo
Image via Kennedy News via MetroUK

The admin of the Facebook page, Chris, added:

“We all panicked because we didn’t know what was happening. Linda messaged me to say there was something weird going on with the page. I logged on and saw it repeatedly said ‘Linda Meems has deleted this post.’ I put a message on the group straightaway to say we had a gremlin and in the meantime we logged the issue with Facebook.”

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“I can laugh about it now – you couldn’t make it up could you?” asked Chris. “The guilty party’s new name is hacker dog.”

Linda has since vowed to never leave her phone by Bo ever again.

“In [the] future I’ll leave my phone somewhere Bo can’t plant his bum on it,” she said.

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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