You can now cuddle your favorite candidate with these “Primary Pals”

In the past election cycle (and the many, many prior) politics were flooded with ripping each other apart bit by bit.

So one Kickstarter decided to brighten up the competition by building up the campaigners that we the people do connect with.

How you ask?

With “Primary Pals,” i.e. replica dolls of your favorite campaigners.

Image via Instagram

“Primary Pals is a fun, cuddly, and positive way to support your favorite Presidential candidate heading into the 2020 election. Hopefully, one (or all) of these candidates have stirred a passion in you and Primary Pals gives you a way to express the hope and inspiration they instill in you.”

Image via Instagram

“You can be proud of who you are supporting by having your Primary Pal on your desk, in your home, or anywhere else you may go,” the Kickstarter page reads.

Image via Instagram

As Kickstarter does not allow political donations — the former successful Kickstarter campaign will sell the dolls on a website where 5% of all proceeds will be donated to each candidate’s election funds.

Image via Instagram

“AND, because of the fierce competition among the democrats, the candidate that sells the most dolls during our Kickstarter campaign will win our “Primary Pals Election!” The winner’s donations will be doubled to 10% of their proceeds!” the page description continues.

Image via Instagram

The Kickstarter also states if your candidate was not included, you can request yours on Facebook.

Collect all five and remember to vote!

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