Twitter is overwhelmed with 11-year-old’s chart to help her dad fighting depression

Batting depression can be a fight that seems never ending but having a strong circle of people around us who love us and want us to be happy can make a huge difference in addition to taking care of ourselves.

Twitter user Twinks posted a sugary-sweet note written by her 11-year-old daughter Ellie wrote for her husband who has battled from anxiety and depression for about six years.

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Twinks posted how her husband was “pretty good now” but added there were some days that were not as good days.

And on one of those not as good days, Ellie pinned up a sign next to his bed.

The note (which is colored in) and includes lots of hearts reads:

“If you’re feeling down there is no need to frown! Just talk or go for a walk! Drink your coffee and eat some toffee or watch a movie … Just smile!”

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Twinks went on to explain how her husband’s depression frequently reared its ugly head in the mornings so when he woke up – this note would be the very first note he would see.

“Seems to be a morning thing too. If he wakes up like that, he stay like that. So that will be the first thing he sees.”

And another thing Twinks was proud of besides her caring heart? Her daughter’s grammar.

“My heart is bursting with pride … mainly about the ‘you’re’.”

Twinks believed at first that Ellie had discovered the words on Google but it turns out she did come up with them by herself.

“She’s just told me she made it up herself. I genuinely thought she’d got it off google or something!”

Many on Twitter adored Ellie’s note and the responses to Twinks were brimming with praise.

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“She’s 11. F*ck me, that’s a hell of a level of awareness. I know people say you shouldn’t say just smile etc, but I bet that really did make him smile.”

“Oh boy. As someone who suffers badly myself, can’t even explain what things like this do to help break that cycle.”

“As a sufferer myself and still in bed I’ve screen shot it and now I’m going to get up and eat something, what an amazing young lady and inspiration.
Thank you for being open and sharing.”

“That’s do lovely, and as someone with a similar diagnosis, I can imagine what a help that will be for her dad!”

If only we all had an 11-year-old to do this for us every morning!

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