Man tragically dies in “agony” after consuming a gecko

On a dare at a party, a man who ate a gecko tragically died just 10 days later.

David Dowell, dad-of-three, died in “absolute agony” after he contracted salmonella infection which was believed to be due to the gecko.

Two days after we was allegedly dared to eat the lizard, he battled the illness while at a party in December of last year.

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His family and friends now seek answers over his death.

Dowell was left in horrific pain and was taken to the hospital by paramedics who initially believed he had a severe hangover.

His partner of 15 years, Allira Bricknell, said his death had been a huge shock.

“We never thought this would happen, it was just a big shock and it still is a big shock,” she said.

“He was a great person, he was the best person I have ever met, he was the best dad to our children.”

Medics diagnosed David with salmonella after a day in the hospital. Salmonella causes diarrhea, sickness, cramps as well as fever.

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But for David — the outcome was much more horrific.

David began to throw up green bile and was left with black urine.

In addition, his stomach became so bloated that his family said he looked “six months pregnant.”

His family believed that the salmonella had originally been caused by chicken but David’s friend revealed to Allira they were “pretty sure” he had consumed a gecko at the party.

When Allira gave this information to a doctor, she was told that “could have been it.”

“But there has been no evidence that he actually ate it because there was, ‘Oh yeah I saw him eat it,’ and then, ‘No, I didn’t see him eat it,’ David’s sister Hannah shared with The Brisbane Times.

“It was a dare, so he might have intended to eat it and then thrown it away. At the end of the day, we don’t know whether he actually ate the gecko. David never mentioned it.”

On December 11, David died while in surgery.

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According to his family, he “basically rotted from the inside out.”

They have since asked Mater Hospital for answers about his death.

In particular — they wanted to understand the relation of decisions made by the medical team at Mater Hospital where David was treated.

“I want justice for David…or just answers. You don’t ever think anything like this could ever happen to you and then it does,” Hannah continued.

The hospital did not give a comment on David’s death.

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