These 3 bridesmaids reveal their most dramatic wedding stories

Ah weddings.

They highlight the best things in life: love, food and dancing.

But it is not always rainbows and butterflies.

Sometimes the brides can be a lot. Or their mother-in-laws.

But it’s usually the brides.


These 3 bridesmaids (of ahem, difficult brides) decided to reveal their most intense wedding stories.

The first being filled heartbreaking to say the least:

“My close friend got engaged recently and it has caused a lot of tension between us because she has decided to not invite me to be part of her wedding party. I am non-binary and assigned male at birth, but she nevertheless feels that it would draw too much attention to include me as I ‘pass as male’ (some of her family is from the midwest). She said this in passing, likely not realizing how hurtful it might be that she would have likely asked me to be a Bridesmaid if I was a woman or ‘passed as one’. I am legitimately happy for her, but she frequently comes to me for advice, related to the wedding (which I’m fine with), but also things related to the bridal party and bridal shower (which I am less fine with).”

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Another bridesmaid attempted to compromise with the bride but she quickly found it was her way or the highway:

“One of my good friends was supposed to be married in 2017 but it got postponed due to financial issues. Now, the wedding went from being a local wedding to a destination wedding. We all agreed to be bridesmaids, thinking it was a local wedding. Her plan is to get married on a beach and then depart on a three day cruise with family and friends. This sounds great, but we can’t afford it. I asked nicely if we could change the hotel venue to something more affordable (Airbnb or something) and if there was any way her family could help cater the wedding shower. She wrote me the longest text message I have ever seen. I swear if you copied and pasted it into a document, it would be three pages single-spaced. This was the meanest, and most selfish text message I have ever read. She told me that my financial limitations are none of her business and I can either suck it up and pay or not be in the wedding. She flipped out and kicked me out of the wedding.”

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And last but not least, the bride’s mother had trouble letting go:

“I don’t even have the energy to share the details. But yes, the wedding is tomorrow, and the bride’s mother stole the bride’s dress because of a family issue. She felt that they needed to sit down and discuss the story she made up, and because of that, she stole the wedding dress from the bride’s grandmother’s house while she wasn’t home. The fiancé tried to go get it and they wouldn’t give it to him. We just bought her a white prom dress online to pick up in the morning.”


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