This exotic Greek island will pay you and gift you a plot of land to live there

Most of us can only dream of quitting the day job and moving to a picturesque island. However, a region in Greece wants to make that fantasy a reality – and they’ll even pay you to do it.

If you have been daydreaming lately of moving to Greece and getting paid for it — well today is your lucky day.

The island of Antikythira is seeking new residents and is so willing to increase their population that they will pay the equivalent of around $563 per month for anyone who moves there.

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The island is located between Crete and Kythira.

It is also 45 minutes by plane from Athens and homes only 24 people.

But there is a caveat.

The monthly wage is paid for by the local Greek Orthodox Church who are searching for young families.

So if you are single — sorry this does not apply to you.

But hear me out, it is for good reason.

They hope to restore the island to home around 300 people.

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While these figures have dropped over the years due to the younger residents leaving to find work on the mainland — it resulted in an aging population.

And by offering a monthly stipend, the Church hopes it will attract enough folks to continue Antikythera’s population.

In addition, new residents will be given a plot of land to use however they would like – be it building a new home or a business.

“We are looking for many families to ‘revive’ our island,” Andreas Harhalakis, the Mayor of the island, shared with the Greek website Iefimerida.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

But before you apply — you should know the island is very remote.

How remote you ask?

It has no bank or ATM machine and has one shop (and thankfully it stocks wine.)

That being said – the island does have electricity as well as internet connection and there are lots of jobs for fishermen, bakers as well as builders.

Ooh and if you want your family and friends to come visit, there is an Airbnb available to rent.

Last but not least, the island is filled with rustic architecture and loaded with gorgeous sandy beaches.


Four families have already been accepted onto the island so you will have some friends too.

Want a change to live on an island and get paid to do it?

You can apply here.

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