Mother gives birth during party only to toss infant into dumpster to continue drinking with friends

A 31-year-old citizen named Yulia was partying in her flat when she began to have contractions in Russia’s Ryazan city.

But instead of going to the hospital or telling her friends, Yulia went to the bathroom and had her child.

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Yulia, who works as a street cleaner, disposed of her child in a dumpster by her apartment so she could continue to drink and party with her friends.

A woman who was walking past the dumpster heard the cries of a newborn baby and alerted emergency services who gave the child medical attention.

Authorities found that the child belonged to Yulia after they investigated the apartment units by the dumpster.

Yulia’s two other children, aged 3 and 4, were taken to an orphanage following the incident.

The woman was arrested as well as charged with attempted murder of a newborn baby. If she is found guilty, she could be behind bars for at least five years. Authorities additionally found that Yulia was heavily inebriated when they first came to her flat.

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Authorities also found the bathroom and toilet bloody as well as a bucket full of blood in the bath.

“The mother said that she did not want this baby. She did not even check if it was a boy or a girl before throwing it away. During the arrest, she was heavily intoxicated with alcohol.” the spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee, Anzhelika Yevdokimova, shared.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman, Aleksandr Sanferov, added:

“She [Yulia] did not even have to cut the umbilical cord as it had fallen off on its own. It is possible that alcohol relaxed her muscles and the delivery was fast and easy.” He continued, saying:

“She did not tell her friends about the baby and just continued partying after getting rid of it.”

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Yulia then allegedly dumped her infant son along with the placenta into a garbage bag before dumping him in the dumpster.

She then walked back to her flat to resume partying with her friends who were unaware that she had just given birth.

Authorities discovered the baby boy in critical condition. He was covered in blood along with a pile of trash inside the garbage bag with hypothermia due to the cold.

The newborn was then rushed to the intensive care unit where doctors worked hard to save his life.

The baby was diagnosed with hypothermia and according to reports, his organs began to shut down as well. The outcome of the infant’s life is unknown.

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