Writer reveals how not checking their spam inbox almost cost them entire career

Everyone has been there.

You are waiting on an important email and it never comes…that is, until you decide to check your spam inbox and usually by then — it is too late.

One writer by the name of DoopleWrites recently lamented his story about the subject to reddit, sharing how it almost cost him his entire career.

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He shares:

“So I’m a f*****g idiot.” “I have a ‘creative’ email that I use for writing, in case anyone wants to contact me for commissions etc. Naturally, it’s deader than my hopes and dreams, so I haven’t actively opened it in a long time.”

“Today I was clearing out the ‘ol “spam” folder in my main email, when I got the bright idea to take a look at my ‘creative’ inbox and see if there’s anything there. Lo and behold, there is. Amidst all the ‘Candy wants to chat to you!’ and stupid shit like that, I found something that wasn’t exactly spam.” “A f*****g reply to my book application.”

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“Over a year ago I wrote and edited an entire f*****g book, drafted up a cover letter and sent it out to all sorts of different publishing houses. About three months later I only got a reply from one, stating that it wasn’t the kind of stuff they’re looking for right now. Cool, I scrapped the book and took it as me just not writing the right stuff.”

“Turns out that another publishing house replied after about 4 months basically saying sweet, contact us regarding further detail and we’ll make sh*t happen together.”

“That was a year ago. Thanks, Gmail, for ensuring only the important sh*t gets through. Wouldn’t want those nasty publishing houses to scam me with a reply to my f*****g email or something like that.”

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“Gmail decided that a potential business venture was most likely a bot advertising cam services, sending it to ‘spam’ purgatory.”

Commenters flocked to their post, asking if they followed up and received a reply. Doople reached out after he discovered the spam’d email and is patiently waiting for a reply.

The takeaway folks? If you are waiting on an important email — check those spam inboxes!

Your future self may thank you.

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