Couple with 37-year age gap admits they regularly get mistaken for grandmother and granddaughter

Despite their 37-year age gap, a couple who met on Tinder recently tied the know, admitting that they regularly get mistaken for a grandmother and granddaughter.

24-year-old YouTuber and singer, Julia Zelg-De Freest, originally from Brazil, met political correspondent Eileen Zelg-De Freest, originally from the US, 61 on the dating app.

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The two instantly hit it off and since their first date less than a year ago, the two now live in London.

Julia proposed to Eileen during a gig she was singing at in London and shortly after, Eileen proposed to Julia during their vacation in Brazil.

The ceremony took place at a 5-star hotel in Liverpool Street in London on June 8th, with Julia dawning an A-line white Maggie Sottero dress while Eileen also donning an elegent white, lace dress.

Both brides wore a veil as well as dyed their hair pink.

“When I saw Eileen in person for the first time, I was just in awe of her because she is just the most gentle and lovely person ever,” Julia shared.

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“I think we get hate comments mostly because of the age-gap but also because we are gay and there are still a lot of homophobic people out there,” she continued.

But despite their almost 40-year gap, the two have learned to not let the judgement from others bother then and their romance.

Both Julia and Eileen admit that they have received unending support from both their families.

The two decided to fly to Julia’s home country in Brazil where they met Julia’s mother who is eight years younger than Eileen for the very first time in December of last year.

Their authentic love captured the hearts of their family and friends so the couple decided to tie the knot. Both Julia and Eileen were in tears during their vows.

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And before the wedding ceremony, Julia added:

“My mom and my auntie and my best friend came from Brazil, I have an aunt that came from Germany as well and Eileen has some family and friends who are coming from America. So we are super happy that quite a few people came from different countries for our wedding. We are very, very grateful they’re here.”

Both Julia and Eileen could not contain their happiness before the ceremony.

“I know that she’s the one and she feels the same as well, it’s really wonderful,” Julia said.

While Eileen said:

“Getting married is a big process. It’s a really big business that you could almost lose sight of the thing you’re actually going to do. And it’s really a very intense feeling so I ordered champagne.”

And on the subject of how she felt right before the ceremony, Eileen shared: “Really, really nervous and excited. I haven’t felt nervous like this in quite a while.”

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Eileen admitted that she never thought of getting married.

She went on to say:

“I think part of the reason for that is because I grew up in a time where for gay people it was never something that you even had the right to think about.”

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