Woman shames bride for charging $250 to attend wedding that ran out of food and served sliced hot dogs

Ah weddings — they are the recipe for drama! Mix in booze, a health dose of family oh and lots of money?

Cue the curtains!

While there are countless private as well as public Facebook groups dedicated to all things wedding related — this particular story originates from the “that’s it, I’m wedding shaming” Facebook group.

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The story was shared by a woman who alleged that she was charged to attend a wedding.


As you can imagine, it is a horror story and it goes a little something like this:

“I was recently invited to a wedding where we had to pay an admission fee of $125 each for my husband and I for a total of $250. Only to not get much in the way of appetizers (they ran out half way to our table), some of which included hot dog slices. The only thing they didn’t run out of that I was able to eat from the cheese & grapes platter. Furthermore, our table was the only one with no party favors since they also ran out of those. And the main course that they claim was salmon was really suspect looking & cold to the touch so I decided to pass. The only saving grace was the open bar but I was on medication & couldn’t drink anyway. So I had the most expensive Pepsi known to man: 2 for $125.”

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“Why did you go?”

“There are other factors but more specifically, she caught me off guard. I committed to going as soon as I found out about the wedding, but before I saw it required payment. But I won’t get caught slipping again. By the way, I wanted to wear a white dress because I figured it was my wedding too since I paid, but several people told me it would be in bad taste. So I let it go. Although, I did have some others who encouraged me to go all our even suggesting I wear a tiara & I was quite tempted.”

“Unless you’re Beyonce, please don’t charge people to attend your raggedy wedding, especially if the ceiling is leaking & some of the letters outside of the venue walls have fallen off. Be blessed. (ETA hotdogs)”

And if you are curious to see what those hot dogs looked like — we have a footage of the despicable appetizer below.

Feast your eyes, folks…

Image via Facebook

…all I can say it hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity-dog!

According to the Real Weddings Study from the digital wedding mega-brand that is the epitome of the commercial wedding culture — The Knot — the average guest at a wedding spends $268.

The study was conducted in 2017 and has since risen from $194 when the study was first conducted in 2009.

And for those who want a destination wedding — as many millennials do — the costs increase naturally. This is due to not JUST about the money but taking time off from work, potentially deciding on childcare, putting your pets in a kennel and more.

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Thankfully, their is a wedding chat bot that explores the cost benefit analysis when it comes to invitations that seem vague.

You can visit the bot here and potentially save yourself from going in the red and/or sliced hot dog appetizers.

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