This writer’s tip for being safe in a Lyft could save your life

Thanks to rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, we can get to where we need to and fast.

But for women, safety issues while riding have been increasing with stories of stalking, harassment and sexual assault.

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And while both Uber and Lyft do have safety tips on their sites as well as reminders on the app to check license plate numbers and GPS trip-sharing options — riders should always be aware.

One particular Twitter user’s Lyft safety tip has gone viral and it is so simple that anyone can do it.

Tiffany D. Jackson, writer, posted on Twitter about a recent Lyft ride.

She describes getting into the vehicle and quickly checked for child safety locks, or locks that can only be controlled by a driver or opened from the outside.

These locks are usually used in the backseat of cars to prevent children from an accident.

Jackson’s driver was very impressed with her easy safety check and said how he would pass the tip along to his sister.

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Me to @lyft Driver: For Tiffany?
Where are we going?
*open & closes car door twice*
*looks back at me* Were you…just checking for a child lock?
Whoa. That’s smart. Gonna tell my sister to do that!
Me: *
Gives 5 stars*

Jackson then followed up by explaining how she had been in a rideshare car before and noticed the child locks were on, which led her to believe that something was wrong.

“The guy was really young and super new to Lyft. It was very adorable that he asked all these questions.”

The conversation sparked others to share their experiences, with one user commenting:

“I’ve only once got in an Uber when the child lock was on, and definitely hit homie with the “Son, I don’t know what’s going on but whatever you thinking, you got the WRONG one.”

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Others told stories of their own encounters with drivers and passengers.

“I tried to check the license plate of a lyft driver to make sure he was the right guy & he almost wouldn’t start the ride. He spoke to me threateningly, claimed he hadn’t heard about women getting killed. All Lyft did was take the driver off my list—in Vegas, where I don’t live.”

While another Twitter user shared:

“I’m not sure how she did it, but you can slide in the back and leave your door open while reaching over and opening the door on the other side. That way you know you’ve got an exit from the backseat.”

Followed by:

“Most cars it is very simple to check with the door still open. On the interior of the frame of the door you will see a sticker that says “child lock.” Look at the direction of the black trigger is placed in. (Up or down) It will tell you if it is activated or not.”

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And last but not least, this scary tale:

“A creative I follow used Uber after a con w/ another female creator. They could pinpoint on their map when the driver changed routes, driving them further from their destination to “talk business.” He dropped them off around the corner after they called him on it but first was able to effectively manually say the ride had been completed, turned off the GPS and kidnapped them. It was a harrowing experience and not uncommon but the GPS feature and driver info provided gives riders the ability to track and share info with friends/family just in case.”

When in doubt, be sure to take your time to verify you are getting into the correct car and always make sure there is someone waiting for you at home if possible!

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