Son streams Fortnite for over 10 hours to raise money for dad’s cancer treatments

A boy from Canada decided he would start a fundraiser for his dad.

But it wasn’t just any fundraiser — it was brought to Twitch as the boy decided what he could do best to help his family — which is playing Fornite.

First, his dad took over his stream to explain his situation.

On September 14, 2018, he was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer.

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The boy’s father shared:

“It’s very hard. It gives you so much trouble that you cannot walk. Some days, I feel I have to lay down for days in bed. I cannot move. But I have to fight,” he shared in the live stream.

The goal was to raise 5,000 Canadian Dollars for his dad’s treatment and in order to achieve that — he was ready to spend long hours in front of the screen.

It too the boy close to three days to collect just 30% of his desired sum.

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But despite not having a massive audience, the boy was able to manage to stream more than 20 hours during this period and collect almost 1,500 Canadian Dollars needed for his father’s cancer treatment, which seemed like a decent start.

But then, there came a breakthrough.

Close to the 4th day of his fundraising, he sat down in front of his computer for anther stream — too stubborn to go forward with it until he managed to reach his seemingly impossible goal.

But to his surprise, he did did not know what this stream would get him.

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CoL MackWood was the first pro gamer to donate as well as spread the word.

And after that happened, people began to flood the stream – overloading the boy with questions about his dad and not forgetting to donate – which led him to collect the rest of the sum in just an hour.

After he reached his goal, he shared a sweet message via Twitter:

“OMG EVERYONE! I can’t even thank anyone from this stream with words. I’m truly speechless. You guys changed my and my dad’s life forever and me and my dad will remember this my whole life.”

Image via boredpanda