These 7 girlfriends bought a house together so they could never be without each other for the rest of the their lives

Much like the four best friends from the Golden Girls, there are 7 Chinese girlfriends who want to do the exact same thing in real life.

The women have recently purchased a gorgeous house which they are plannin on sharing once they retire. Did someone say #friendshipgoals-?

A group of 7 friends decided to retire together and they made it happen.

Image via boredpanda

At first, it started out as just a joke among the friend group because who would have the resources and the gall to attempt a feat like that?

But as it turns out — these women were determined.

After one of them discovered a 700 square meter house in the suburbs of Guangzhou, their plans to retire together have been put into action.

The friends have known each other for over two decades and the closer-than siblings friends have been dreaming about spending the last days of their lives together for over a decade.

Image via boredpanda

“We [said that we] would get together when we were 60 and live the retired life together,” one of them told Yitiao.

And would is just a dream for most became a reality last year when the group put together 4 million yuan ($580,000) and purchased the house.

The abandoned redbrick house was quickly turned into a gorgeous modern mansion.

And with three and a half story estate surrounded by beautiful hills, forests, and a garden — the space offered these young women a peaceful place for retirement as well as companionship with life long friends.

The house boasts a shared space on the ground floor and separate bedrooms for each of them on the upper floor.

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While the furnishing was imported from India and Morocco.

The women share a love for tea so it makes sense that their home includes a sweet little tea pavilion which is connected to the house via a wooden boardwalk.

And while the house is secluded – located an hour away from the nearest town – the women are not planning on feeling lonely anytime soon and will be sure to keep themselves occupied.

“We’ll probably cook together, barbecue in the fields, sing and collect food in the village,” the friends share in the video. “We joke that each of us should practice one skill so that we won’t be lonely and fight with each other 10 years later… Some can cook beautiful food, some know traditional Chinese medicine, some play instruments, and some grow vegetables.”

Image via boredpanda