Actual video footage shows meat “crawl” away from a plate

In a bizarre video that shows a slab of raw meat moving by itself — the world may decide to collectively go vegetarian.

In the clip, the skinned meat can be seen being piled upon a plate with other similar-looking pieces of meat.

But then, it hoists itself up and moves towards the edge of the plate, falling off the plate and hits the deck.

The woman who is about to prepare the meat then starts to scream for obvious reasons.

People are alleging the meat was a chicken or a frog – my vote is frog because it seems to have no problem jumping ship.

Image via YouTube

The internet truly was beside themselves as they tried to wrap their head around what they just saw.

But some commenters have said that the phenomena can happen when nerve endings in the animal have not died yet.

While others allege that the meat reacted to being salted.

Earlier in the year, another odd and viral clip showed a live octopus fighting back after a vlogger attempted to eat it.

Known as “seaside girl Little Seven,” the vlogger shared a short clip of herself holding up the octopus when it suddenly latches on to her face.

Image via YouTube

During the shrieking, she can be heard saying:

“Look how hard it’s sucking.”

She continues, saying: “I can’t remove it.”

She then decides to rip the octopus off her face before real panic-mode began.

After showing her face to the camera, the vlogger shares:

“My face is disfigured.”

Yikes! Be careful what you eat, kids.