Calling all adventure buffs, this breathtaking tree house hotel was built just for you

If you spent your days as a child hidden away playing outside in your tree house while planning the next outdoor feature to scale, then we have the perfect hotel for you.

It was Rasmus Lybæks’s dream to bring people closer to nature — leading him to create Løvtag (Danish for “canopy”), a fantasy like space surrounded by Denmark’s stunning nature near Mariager Fjord on the Als Odde peninsula.

Image via boredpanda

While just one of the tree houses is available for booking there are eight more houses being built.

The architect behind these minimalist tree cabins is Sigurd Larsen.

While this is not the first minimalist structure that Larsen has worked on, he has designed structures like the lake house in the past.

Captivated by Larsen’s signature style and experience with small-space design, Lybæk partnered with him to bring his dreams alive.

And the best part of all? No trees will be either harmed or removed for the construction. The cabins are instead designed in a way where a tree could grow right through it.

The first cabin is built around a pine tree, while the second and third are planned to be constructed around an oak and a beech tree.

Image via boredpanda

The cozy structures are built 26 feet up the tree and can be accessed by a wooden bridge.

The house is supported by metal beams and boasts large windows to the south and west to allow for plenty of natural light to pour in.

The 334-square-foot cabin includes two sleeping spaces as well as a kitchenette, a living and dining area, access to a rooftop terrace and a bathroom that opens up to a shower that’s located outdoors.

Thankfully the house does have water, electricity as well as indoor plumbing.

Image via boredpanda

The treehouse is available to book now and has enough space for up to four people.

The price for just one night starts from $2,750 Danish Krone ($415 USD) for two people and includes a light breakfast.