Woman who hunted black giraffe boasts how she consumed and made pillows out of him

A year after photos came forth with her posing proudly with a dead black giraffe, Tess Thompson Talley revealed how she later consumed the animal.

Back in 2018, Tess Thompson Talley made headlines after images of her with a black giraffe that she hunted in South Africa went viral.

In the photos, the gorgeous animal is slumped around her while she stands fairly pleased with her work.

Image via The Hook

A year later while being interviewed, Talley declared that “he was delicious,” while laughing.

When speaking to CBS, she said:

“They [animals] are put there for us, we harvest them, we eat them!”

She went on to showing offer her gun case which was also made from the hide of animal.

“This is a part of the black giraffe that I shot, something I could take around with me, and have on my hunts!” she stated. “I also have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them.”

Image via flickr

After then, Talley joined presenters in the CBS This Morning studio where she was further pressed.

“We are preserving…we are managing herds, we’re managing numbers of wildlife.” she shared. “I am proud to be a hunter, and I’m proud to hunt, and I am proud of [killing] that giraffe.”

In regards to the backlash she may receive, Talley said:

“It got really bad, [people] spreading out addresses, showing up my work, calling employer trying to get me fired…”

…maybe Talley don’t kill exotic animals and this won’t happen-? Case closed.