Night camera reveals what this “demon cat” does to his owner after dark

Cats to some are the best animals on the planet — which explains why custom bed frames and nightstands are a thing. And while cats can sleep just about anywhere, cat moms and dads love to snuggle their kitties but for one owner, his cat was the actual reason behind his breathing issues at night.

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept, so I installed a camera,” the owner recently Tweeted.

Image via Twitter

Along with his tweet were three black-and-white pictures showing a cat staring at him in the dark, then proceeding to lie on his face.

All which explain why exactly the man could not breathe while sleeping.

The internet quickly shared their thoughts, with the most popular being “your cat is trying to murder you,” while others suggested that the cat was trying to kill his person “slowly,” followed by this comment: “Good night human.”

Image via Twitter

But while this “demon,” cat climbing on top of its owner is not an uncommon scenario.

Others shared their experiences, writing “same,” attached with pictures.

So cat families, be warned. Your kitty may just love you to DEATH after dark…

Image via Twitter