Mom texts son’s school actual reason behind her 13-year-old being tardy

One mom from Australia recently decided to share a very honest explanation of why her son was late for class in a text message to the boy’s school.

The mother, Suzanne, had clearly been over her son being tardy and proceeded to write the following text:

“Arrived late because he’s a mouthy almost 14-year-old, who’s hormonal, thinks the world owes him a favour, refuses to get out of bed at a decent time for school, thinks the Xbox is life, grunts instead of speaking, spends 20 minutes in the shower just stood there, walks at the speed of a snail and couldn’t find his socks that were right in front of his eyes.”

Image via flickr

Suzanne revealed to LADbible:

“So, my son was late for high school this morning for the third day in a row because, true to that text, he just cannot move himself on a school morning!”

“He’s not interested in anything unless it’s on the Xbox, he literally spends 20 minutes in the shower on a school morning and doesn’t even pop open the shower gel, so literally stands there and gets wet!

“He had a pile of socks on his bed and yet 10 minutes before the bell rings he complains, ‘I can’t find any socks.'”

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“[He] walks out of his room, realising he’s going to be late. I tell him to have a good day and that I love him and receive a grunt of ‘urghhhhhh’ in reply instead of actually replying to me, all with a lunge of the head.”

She continued on, saying:

“I then watch him walk down the street at the pace of a snail. By this time I’d had enough of the hormonal mood swing, he had only been up 30 minutes maximum. So, when I then received a text from the school student services desk asking for a reason why he was late, instead of my usual ‘slept in’ I went IN and gave them the full explanation as to why, and to hopefully brighten their morning. I have yet to receive a reply.”