This American Airlines employee dancing will be the best thing you see all day

One airline employee in Nashville was just dancing on his own when one passenger recorded the sweet moment on her phone.

Suzanne Durham shared with ABC News how she had just sat down when she noticed an American Airlines employee spinning and skipping on the tarmac at Nashville International Airport.

“I was on the phone and looking out the window and he was literally out there dancing and doing all these moves with the luggage cart initially,” she shared. “I said, ‘I hope I capture him on video’ because he was just pure joy.”

Thankfully the dancing employee came back out and Durham filmed the second part of his performance.

“All of a sudden he just starts dancing…he is magic and we need this kind of joy in our lives.”

“Crew chief Isaiah Foster [is] proving that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly,” an American Airlines spokeswoman shared with ABC News.

Image via Spike Call

A music producer based in Nashville, Durham, shared how she travels “all the time” for her job and knew she had to share this moment with everyone as soon as possible.

“Part of my job I do social media, so I was just looking and thought, ‘Oh man I have to record this,'” she shared.

The video has since been viewed over thousands of times.