Body modification and tattoo fanatic amputates fingers, nipples and parts of their ears for art

One tattoo and body modification lover has taken their lifestyle to the next level with tattoos form head to toe, including a few amputations.

Lily Lu is a non-binary artist who has documented others who live on the outside of society with a YouTube channel they hope to broaden people’s minds.

“I am not a freak and I don’t feel like one,” they said.

Image via Carnivore Pictures/Jam Press

Lily Lu has been getting tattoos at the age of 14 and has since decided to become a tattoo artist while teaching others how to create body art.

The 33-year-old hails from Germany and has two and a half tattoo body suits, multiple layers of ink and scarifications along with red dreadlocks that have been grown for 15 years and black ceramic teeth.

Their love of modifying their body has led them to amputating their fingers, nipples and parts of their ears.

Lily Lu says that tattoos on feet, hands, face, ears and around the anus are the most painful and eye tattoos also are hard to handle.

Lu says that they were one of the first 20 people in the world to have these inked, saying:

Image via Carnivore Pictures/Jam Press

“It’s a big step for the mind and a big challenge for yourself.”

While their first tattoo was a small sword on their calf, the other artwork includes a a spider on the nap and slogans such as ‘feel free’, which has been inked onto the knuckles.

“Tattooing is deeply rooted in me – there isn’t a day where I´m not thinking about it,” Lily Lu shared.

“You might call it an addiction – but then, addictions are all about not being able to let go, and I’m all about not wanting to let go as far as tattoos are concerned.”

Lily Lu is married and has a daughter all while living with model and Instagrammer @annuschkatz.

The two have a polyamorous relationship without any traditional roles or limitations which gives Lily Lu “more love and trust” than relationships they have experienced before.

Image via Carnivore Pictures/Jam Press

“I live as free as I can within the borders of society,” Lu shared.

When Lily Lu is not tattooing or creating films, they enjoy body suspension (where people are hung from hooks through their skin,) living out of a van, Japanese bondage, porn production and traveling.

Lu continued, saying:

“I just have fun and live my life the fullest I can. I have lived every dream I ever had like 100 times. The moment I didn’t let society hold me back life become the greatest and fullest I ever experienced.”

Image via Carnivore Pictures/Jam Press