Woman discovers this ginormous huntsman spider in corner of her house

Laree Clark was going about her business when she walked into her home this past month to find a huge spider in the corner of her house.

And warning, it is one terrifying spider.

Laree decided to snap a photo and share it to Facebook where she put out a request to people in the Bluewater News group asking if anyone in the area could help her, saying:

“Is there Anyone that could remove this from my house?? Now!???”

Laree was obviously shaken up by the ordeal from her post — commenting on her own post how the spider was roughly “the size of your hand.”

“When I went near it with the phone light, it [came] at me raising it fangs and legs. h*ll nahhhh!,” she wrote.

Folks responded to her request with some practical suggestions like “get a broom and sweep him out,” while others joked she pay her rent, burn down her house and run “far, far away.”

Me running away from this spider in real time

Image via public domain pictures

All answers I sympathize with.

Laree later edited the post to update everyone how the spider had been “safely removed,” although there were no details on this.

But maybe sometimes knowing less is the best.