Adult film star cancels her critics after sharing breastfeeding photo

Jenna Jameson, adult film star, recently found herself in hot water after she posted a photo breastfeeding her 23-month-old daughter Batel Lu on Instagram.

Jameson captioned the photo “Fierce love,” with most commenters praising her and others, parent-shaming Jameson as they believe her daughter was too old to be getting breastfed.

“It’s great that you decided to breastfeed. But now she’s able to eat regular food and has teeth…she’s too old to be breastfeeding,” said one user.

Image via Instagram

Thankfully, Jameson quickly shut down the criticism, saying:

“Babies get teeth as early as 3 months. And start solids at 6 months. Please try to educate yourself about breastfeeding into toddlerhood and how beneficial it is.”

While one user came back with:

“I mean I’m first to say breastfeeding is a normal beautiful thing and if you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, then great but why put it on Instagram??? Like do we really need to see your child (that might be getting a bit older for this) sucking on your boob?? No I don’t think so!!”

Image via Instagram

But Jameson was not swayed, responding with:

“Breastfeeding isn’t the problem. Peoples backwards opinions are.”

The World Health Organization cites the benefits of mothers breastfeeding their kids ““up to two years of age or beyond.”

To end on a high note, one user reminded Jameson how very normal the situation was:

“Thank you for being brave enough to share a very normal situation that for some reason is not accepted by everyone (just yet). At 14 months [I] get told my daughter is too old as well. I [don’t] care- [I] know whats best for HER. And so do you for your baby, mama.”