Dog alerts his family to open front door help someone in need

Thanks to a little dog named Max,

Earlier this month, while his family lay in bed, Max awoke to a strange sound.

From just outside the family’s front door were the quiet cries of a cat in deep distress.

Image via Twitter

And Max knew just what to do next.

“He was barking nonstop,” Laylany, Max’s owner, shared with The Dodo. “He kept scratching at the door.”

The dog’s family, realizing something was wrong, got up to check.

When they opened the door, they found a stray kitty whose head was trapped in a food wrapper bag.

She had been looking for help and found it in Max.

“The poor cat was suffocating, but somehow managed to find her way to our door,” Laylany said. “My dad approached and removed the bag.”

The cat ran off after into the night, alive, thankfully.

“He’s a hero,” Laylany said, “because if it wasn’t for him barking, we would’ve never known that the cat was in need of help.”

And that’s why dog’s truly are man’s (and maybe a cat’s) best friend!