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The truth behind why Millennial’s are just better at being nice than Baby Boomers


A Tumblr user is going viral after they successfully broke down why Millennial’s and Baby Boomers respond to business practices differently i.e. Baby Boomers making a scene when they feel mistreated by service.

The topic launched into not just the above but also why and how Millennial’s support ethical businesses over any other generation.

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But that was not the only reason the Tumblr user cited. Millennial’s also had the advantage of growing up in a computer age.

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Image via tubmlr

They continued on, sharing how exactly Millennial’s decide where to spend their hard-earned money.

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Image via tubmlr

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennial’s are better educated than previous generations.

That being said, the gap between those with a college education and those who do not have one are vast.

The research centers stated how “Millennial’s with a bachelor’s degree or more and a full-time job had median annual earnings valued at $56,000 in 2018, roughly equal to those of college-educated Generation X workers in 2001.”

While economic disadvantage along with other social factors, Millennial’s also struggle with constructing their own households compared to the previous generations.

With 15% of Millennial’s (ages 25 to 37) living with their parents it comes to no ones surprise.

But hey, at least we tip well.