Here is how much it will cost you to a cheat meal like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

When he is not on a strict, healthy diet, “The Rock” Johnson plays hard —especially when it comes to his cheat days.

“It’s like church,” Johnson revealed to “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon. “You work out hard and once a week you treat yourself and I partake in that.”

But before he consumes a his feasts in front of his computer, Johnson makes sure that everyone is asleep.

If you wanted to eat like The Rock does at midnight once a week, we have a few examples for you of what it would look like cost wise and the sticker price may surprise you…

Image via Instagram

If you keep up with The Rock’s Insta, then you know he adores sushi. So let’s do some math, shall we? The average cost of a sushi roll (usually cut into eight pieces) in the Los Angeles area is between $8 and $10. Ordering at least four rolls comes out to $40. But if you want to eat a “Rock” amount, you will need to order 12-15 rolls, which comes out to $150.

Image via Instagram

Johnson is also known for digging into his 33 oz. ribeye paired with a “loaded” baked potato. Most likely, it will cost you around $30 to eat a steak like the Rock as a ribeye cut is around $13 to $15.

Image via needpix

And last but not least, Johnson’s famous pancake stack. The typical price for pre-mixed pancake mix is around $4 but if you make them just like The Rock, you don’t need milk or eggs (just water.) He also adds in semi-sweet chocolate (a bag is around $3) and drizzles them in syrup ($3-4) which comes to a grand total of $10.

The total estimated cost comes out to $80-$190. Not bad for a month of cheating, eh?