Emma Watson creates legal and free hotline for workplace sexual harassment advice

Emma Watson has recently launched a new hotline for women across the pond in England as well as Wales, and according to the actress-activist, is the first hotline in the area to offer free specialized legal advice for women with questions about workplace harassment.

The entire goal of the hotline, which is backed by Time’s Up United Kingdom, is to assist women by holding their employers accountable by making legal advice more accessible to women, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

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It also serves as a great reminder that employees who are going through sexual harassment in the workplace may not feel comfortable going straight to human resources.

Watson shared in a statement according to the Guardian how she hopes the hotline will go a long way in helping women “[understand] what your rights are, how you can assert them and the choices you have.”

While Emma Watson has been making strides when it comes to forwarding the agenda of feminism, she has been regularly criticized for her politics primarily concerned with “first-world feminism,” which caters to privileged women.

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That being said, making legal expertise more accessible to women of all backgrounds is nothing to scoff at.

And while it is unclear whether the hotline will benefit white-collar workers or blue-collar ones, the free legal advice is a vital tool to hold employers accountable.

In the interim, the hotline could prove to be of value for our friends across the pond.