Your cat knows its name but they may be ignoring you based on this study

Japanese researches recently decided to see if cats, like some dogs, were able to recognize when their name was being called (because: science.)

They have since published their results in Nature and the results tracks.

The researches collected multiple felines, analyzing their behavior in their own home. Scientists then recorded the cat’s name in both the owner’s and a stranger’s voice as well as various nouns that sounded oddly similar.

Image via flickr

They came to find that every time the cat’s name was used, either by the owner or the stranger, their ears pricked up or their heads moved, indicated they recognized that specific word, compared to the rest.

“From the results of all experiments, it thus appears that at least cats living in ordinary households can distinguish their own names from general words and names of other cats,” the researchers wrote.

“We conclude that cats can discriminate the content of human utterances based on phonemic differences. This is the first experimental evidence showing cats’ ability to understand human verbal utterances.”

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To put it in lamens terms, that cats have selective listening skills.

But researchers were excited for the study as it only meant positives for cat owners.

“Although such discrimination is acquired without explicit discrimination training, instead emerging from the patterns of natural daily communication between humans and cats, we may [utilize] this ability positively for cats’ quality of life,” the study read.

…so cat owners, when company is over and you call your kitty, rest assure your age old excuse of “she’s ignoring me,” is factually, true.

Because: science.

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