This mom and daughter create budget renditions of celebrity red carpet looks

A Turkish mother, Alya Chaglar, along with her daughter Stefani have been recreating celebrity red carpet looks with material around the house and results are stunning to say the least.

Alya and Stefani are known as seasunstefunny on Instagram that reveal the two’s creativity.

“She loves saying that we’re the best team ever, and our relationship is really strong, she is my biggest muse and best friend at the same time,” the mother shared with Bored Panda.

And with a following of 278k on Instagram, it is easy to see why. Scroll on to see the two in action.


Sririta Jensen

Anne Hathaway


Lady Gaga

Gigi Hadid

Nicole Kidman

Serena Williams

Milagros German

Cara Delevingne