This genius raccoon breaks into vending machine, police catch the bandit in the act

One raccoon evolved overnight, deciding to forge new territory when it came to forging food.

Instead of digging through a dumpster, this raccoon decided to break into a vending machine.

Image via Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

But things did not go accordingly to plan…

At the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in the Florida was alerted to the racoon after he had illegally entered into a vending machine at a local high school.

The swinging flap by which the raccoon entered through did not give the raccoon a simple escape — trapping him until the authorities caught him in the act.

Image via Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Thankfully the deputies decided to let the racoon off with just a warning, escorting him back outside.

“What they did was put the vending machine on a dolly and wheel it to the back of the school,” a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, Andrew Gant, told The Dodo. “Then they opened the door and the raccoon ran to freedom on his own. They didn’t want to freak him out.”

You can watch the moment below:

While it is not clear just how many snacks he may have eaten before the heist went sideways but the authorities had a soft spot for the little guy.

“I love raccoons,” Gant said.