Couple can’t afford wedding rings so they create their own custom binary-coded rings

Getting married is expensive. And one couple quickly realized that even their rings would come at a price. So instead of shelling out huge bucks, the pair decided to create their own creative bands.

“I’m getting married later this year, but currently being a full-time mum meant that we couldn’t afford wedding rings. Luckily, I’m a silversmith, so I decided to make them myself.”

And not only did they just create a gorgeous ring but they also but their own spin on the bands.

“My fiance is a software developer so I had him convert a personal message into binary (a series of zeroes and ones), and I incorporated that into a white gold ring. The square holes in the ring represent each occurrence of the number 0, and solid metal represents the number 1.” Siina Heikkinen writes.

Image via siinaheijewellery

And the ring became so popular that Siina decided to create them for others.

“The ring had such a reaction on social media that I was encouraged to take the plunge and re-open my beloved Etsy store and even include it as my featured piece. I made it as easy as possible for others to get their own messages personalized into their own rings in Sterling Silver, 18k Gold or 18k White Gold.”

Buyers can also customize their very own message into the ring.

Image via siinaheijewellery

“They just choose their own message when they place the order and I convert it to binary and immortalize it in the precious metal of their choice. The great thing is that it’s not only for weddings that people are asking about these because anything can be translated into binary; a special date, a child’s name, even a family pet (that was a big hit!).”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down to do any design work so it’s nice to be back and to actually feel like a jewelry designer again. The support and response to this design have meant a lot and made our upcoming special day even more special.”