Boy creates device to prevent children from dying in hot cars

Thanks to a 12-year-old boy named Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas, a generation of children may be rescued for the dangers of a hot car.

Titled “The Oasis Device” Bishop first came up with idea to invent a device that would be able to sense if a child is left alone while simultaneously monitoring the temperature inside the vehicle.

Once the temperature gets to a certain level, the device blows out cold air while also alerting parents as well as authorities.

Image via Natural Solution

It can be attached to a headrest or car seat.

Bishop came up with the idea after his neighbor’s 6-month-old baby girl died from being left in an overheated car. At first, he had created a 3-D clay model of the Oasis device with hopes to have enough money to manufacture the real product one day.

Since that moment, he and his father have managed to raise $50,292 of their $20,000 goal on

The money is currently being put towards manufacturing the final product and securing the patent.

Image via Natural Solution

The response was so overwhelming that even Toyota took notice and decided to send him and his dad to Michigan for a safety conference.

Bishop’s father is happy to note that he works for Bishop by filling out his emails, answering his telephone calls, and taking Bishop to his meetings with the attorney.

“People are donating to a belief, a belief that the world can change through one child,” says Bishop’s father.