Homeowners shocked at doorbell cam footage revealing unwelcome intruder

While new doorbell camera footage is usually boring for most, homeowner Andi Stuart-Bishop of Fredericksburg, Virgina, was met with a surprise intruder she was not pleased about seeing.

Stuart-Bishop said she received a movement notification from her doorbell camera and assumed it would be a package delivery or possibly a friend.

To Stuart-Bishop’s surprise it was a snake.

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A 7-8 foot snake to be exact: looking right into the camera, slithering on the door and doorknob.

It was alleged the snake was attempting to reach a bird’s nest behind the second-floor shutters.

“I screamed,” she revealed to the local CBS station WTKR.

Stuart-Bishop shared how she installed the camera for security reasons, but feels less secure currently.

“I make sure to look around and keep my tiny dog on a leash when we go out,” she told the station. “I still can’t go out the front door.”