Teacher reveals 8 global problems mainstream media does not want Americans to know right now

Not many Americans know but news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities and even video game developers are being directed by just six media companies.

The coporations are under zero obligation to report impartially and present consumers with the truth, instead, promoting their own agendas, giving the average person an “illusion of choice.”

“With the country’s widest disseminators of news, commentary, and ideas firmly entrenched among a small number of the world’s wealthiest corporations, it may not be surprising that their news and commentary is limited to an unrepresentative, narrow spectrum of politics,” Ben Bagdikian writes in his book ‘The New Media Monopoly.’

But despite the alarming “big 6” mega-media conglomerations, Climate Ben is a good Samaritan who instead of attempting to ignore the message, desires to inform the world and calls every human to action in his fully-sourced, science backed information.

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