School sign addressing vaccinating local children goes viral

A school sign is going viral which addresses parents and vaccinating their kids.

The sign states that only children with proven immunization records will be enrolled in one New Mexico institution.


The false claim that immunization “cause” autism was first broadcasted after a paper was published in 1998 alleging that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine caused autism.

Researchers along with their conclusions were later discredited.

According to Medical News Today, vaccines do not cause autism. In a very recent “large scale” Danish study, the study revealed possible links between the MMR vaccine and autism in “at risk individuals.”

Scientists had data on 657,461 children, of which 6,517 were diagnosed with autism within 10 years.

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Researchers then “compared autism rates in children who had received the MMR vaccination and compared them against children who had not had the jab.”

In addition there were no increased threats of getting autism when vaccinated.

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